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About Us

Christian Goodman is the author of the book ‘Good Foods For High Blood Pressure’ and creator of the website, which is dedicated to this guide.

Christian is a well-known writer and researcher in the natural health field and the author of several other books and publications.

Good Foods For High Blood Pressure is a simple 85 pages guide listing lots of foods that have been found to help lower blood pressure. Everything is based on scientific studies – some small, but others from some of the most respected institutions around the world.

In the guide, he also goes into details of how to use these ingredients and recommended serving sizes for the purpose of lowering blood pressure.

This guide is for educational purpose only and is not meant as treatment or to replace your doctor or any medical professional’s advice. To our best knowledge, nothing in this guide causes any side effects or complications. The only exception would be if you’re allergic to specific type of food. We recommend, however, that you always consult with your doctor before making any changes regarding your diet.

Although hundreds of readers have reported great health benefits after implementing some of the practices from this guide, we make absolutely no health claims or promises of cure from following the advice in the guide.